Harmless Free Radicals

First up, Fenmere the Worm (aka, Jonathan), has sent in this eyebrow-raising self-portrait. What a strapping draconian lad he is!

Support Harmless Free Radicals: It seems quite good!

Bob 'N' Ed

Here's a fine entry indeed from "Weird" Al Cooper, of Bob 'N' Ed.
I think he puts it best when he says "the one with the hat is Bob...the one with the breasts is Kelly." Tell it like it is, Al.

Legends of the Galaxy War
In this pic, mercenary pilot Catherine Kaifeng displays hostility the sexy way, protected only by a li'l red number from Zelton's of New Parisia, and her finger. This was by Daniel Ball.
Amanda! One of those pink and blonde ladies, I see... suits me fine! This was by John from Sporkman, of course.
Harmless Free Radicals
The Sultans of Swing. Another Fenmere effort, no less!
This really should put a smile on one's face. It's Suzie O'Connell, drawn by Matt Bourque of Delinquents.
Here's the first of a fab series by Fugli Troll. He describes it thus:
"DeVia in her boudoir wearing a red string teddy with accent jewelry designed for her by Margolis de Hawkmoon. The Raccoons are named Ronnie and Rebbecca." And I know I'm not one to argue!
Anything But
Golly, it seems Carolyn from Anything But is willing to do a lot for her art; this is her and Chris, you know.
I believe this is some sort of Man... John Troutman could probably tell you more.