Better Mousetrap
The blue eyes of May are guaranteed to drill through your skull and into your soul with twice the intensity of normal piercing glances. Even though she isn't even facing the viewer! Thanks be to Nixve for this'n.
Blotto Street

This is Tess, courtesy of Dan Milford-Cottam of Blotto Street, where the women are British and the beef is dangerous. There is no beef in this picture.

B.Street had a somewhat lacy storyline in June, you know. I'm sorry I didn't show the image then, but HIS NUMBER DIDN'T COME AROUND THEN!

But anyway, ain't no such thing as a bad page-view. Click that link!

Deadly Angels
You will note that Kim has done some fine work on the ol' pencils here -- this head-turning greyscale vision is Immi, apparently.

Stop your messin' around, you better think of your future... Time you straighten right out, in this problem town... Rudi! A message to you, Rudi!

This is Alison Gool. By... Rudi!

(A message to you, Rudi!)

Insanity Inc
God, look at the hair on that guy, huh? The multipowered Superfriend we call El Carpeto drew this pic.
White House In Orbit
Sounds like Reinder is getting suspicious, so here is his very fine image of Agent x8.5 from White House In Orbit!

"Marigold in the main hall of the Ravens Bluff Opera house. She is wearing a leopard fur ensemble that she brought back with her from the distant Jungles of Chult."

Another hit from the Fugli Troll!

Japanese For Crustaceans

"Her name is Lisa. She's a part-time college student and pizza deliverywoman. She's the main female lead in Japanese For Crustaceans, the comic I do."

This was by Cedric, aka Lobst.

It's exactly what watching a sabretooth catgirl sleeping on her jungle couch would be like! This was by Barry, of course.